Q1 : What is Airtime. Q2 : How do i use Airtime. Q3 : Why to use Airtime
  • Airtime credit is the same as your toppping-up or mobile recharge card.
  • It means taking your payback on to your phone as credit to your mobile balance.
  • It can also be describes as credit to use in your phone, which can be used for phone calls,text-messages.
  • Airtime Credit is same as just saying 'phone credit'.

  • Create an Account
  • Verify the Account
  • Enter Phone Number to send Airtime Credits
  • Make Payment through Payment Gateway Eg: PayPal
  • Confirm Number again
  • Airtime Credit will be sent to your phone in seconds.
  • It's Easy and Convenient
  • Can buy when u need it
  • You can buy Airtime for anyone else and the airtime is sent to them immediately.
  • Can buy from anywhere using Cellphone
  • Online Banking user can buy Airtime from anywhere they have internet connection

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